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The Annunciation

Experimental film - Super 8, 16 mm & 35 mm - 13’55’’ - 2010

The angel then disappears, leaving Mary overwhelmed, submerged in her emotions.


The angel is the bearer of God’s Word: he unveils the « Logos », origin of all things, to Mary. This revelation progressively transforms figurative representation into abstraction, overwhelming the entire screen.

By replacing the texture of a painting with the fine grain of film, the use of the analog medium reveals a pictorial dimension: the Angel becomes colour and light.

According to traditional representational codes of the Annunciation from the Quattrocento, the Angel Gabriel appears on the left side of the screen, whilst Mary occupies the right side, thereby forming a diptych, or even a triptych if one considers the surrounding landscape as part of the Divine creation.

ANNONCIATION - Red Star Cinema - David Bart - Laetitia SPigarelli - CNC - Experimental

Experimental short film 14’14’’
Super 8, 16mm & 35 mm / 2010
Co-directed by Laurence Balan
Produced by Red Star Cinema / Sébastien de Fonséca
With the support of the Centre national de la Cinématography (financial support) and La Maison du flm court (original soundtrack)


Writting and directed by  Laurence Balan & David Bart
with Lætitia Spigarelli
Producer : Sébastien de Fonseca
Producer assisante : Hélène Caillet
Director of photography : Benjamin Echazarreta
Assistant opérateur : Emanuel Rojas Guttierez
Chef électricien : Julien Laurent
Sound : Romain de Gueltzl
Assistant director : Zsofia Rozgonyi
Directed producer : Marie-Odile Gazin
Régie générale et direction de post-production : Laura Townsend
Editing David Bart et Laurence Balan
Special effects : David Bart
Sound design : Adam Wolny
Color : Jean-Marie Blezo & Sonia Cadel
Originale soundtrack : Frédéric D.Oberland
Sound creation : Hiroko Komiya

Avec le soutien du CNC
Musique originale écrite et enregistrée avec l’aide de la Maison du film court / SACEM
et avec l’aide du Bureau d’accueil des tournages de la région Auvergne


35 mm Scope & DCP – 13’55’’ minutes
Son Dolby SR
David Bart / Lux Magnifica
Distribution :