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Photographic serie / 2012 - 2017
A journey, a wandering in an imaginary city, as described in the texts of Italo Calvino “The Invisible Cities”.

These neglected spaces, rejected by the “hyperactive City”, are similar to a visual, almost cartographic writing. What interests me particularly is the notion of urban fragility in which more than 50% of the world’s population lives today. The stone and concrete, which seem solid and immutable, are nevertheless fragile and disintegrate with the action of time.

“Fantasmapolis” highlights the difficulty of man to be able to maintain and preserve the functional “Urban”. As if the population had gradually decreased, there was only a minimum maintenance of certain organs such as a pharmacy, a grocery store, or a cash dispenser; As we see today in our rural areas that are deserting themselves.

Fantasmapolis seems inhabited by man … But human beings are here extracted, it is rather the idea of their phantoms that arises with the imaging of this trace of a possible (im) probable. Locally survive light, electricity, distributors, signs of presence, connections.

It is also a sign of hope that emerges, life resists in this environment, like a new growth after the winter.