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Myanmar disrupted

Photographic serie 2017

At the end of 2011, the Burmese military junta, in power since 1962, gives way to a civilian power that will gradually open up to market democracy, to the world.
More than a “lightning transition” to use the words of Pierre Giorgini, Burma is not changing, it is in “disruption”.

Disruption is the effect of “lightning strike” that the global connection of computers, smartphones and crowds, where individuals find themselves implacably crushed, lost their bearings, in the ontological and biological incapacity, to follow the digital rhythm, at a time when our Western societies are on the verge of collapse. The disruption is at work, and the Burmese are both the actors and the helpless spectators of this economic and technological tsunami.
In this project I have sometimes intervened in some images that are staged and others that are more documentary and testimonials of this changing country.