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String theory

Tirage photographique fine-art 135 cm x 95 cm. 2015

Location: 65 ° 37’21.8”N & 16 ° 55’08.9”W

Time: 00h00 GMT

The Theory was performed at 65 ° N, on the edge of Lake Mývatn on a single place, June 13, 2014 from midnight until dawn. At this latitude and at this time of year, the position of the sun borders on the horizon, a limit between day and night, a temporal, spatial and visual boundary.

It is a touch, which gives a strange feeling: unreal tinted exoticism, illogical feeling too, because the night is not there. Yet he is already the day after.

This series invites us to make a transverse experience: to caress the threshold between light and dark, to taste the almost fusional tenuity between dusk and dawn. She questions the perceptual edge between these two ephemeral states by exploring the porosities that may exist or occur.

The slow-motion photography, coupled with the movement of the camera, reveals on the image that part of the invisible, this unknown, indefinable, unimaginable perhaps, infinitely greater than that of the visible within our reach.

The images reveal streaks of light that vibrate like strings.

String theory focuses on transcribing this experience and this particular sensation: the midnight sun.